Marjorie Cattaneo Fernandes

PhD candidate


Centre for Marine Futures
School of Biological Sciences
& UWA Oceans Institute
University of Western Australia M092
35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley, WA 6009

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    PhD title: Spatial ecology and behaviour of pelagic fish assemblages: implications for conservation.

    Start date: 16 October 2014.

    Pelagic (open-water) marine ecosystems are the largest marine environment on Earth. A key ecological component of pelagic systems are their sharks and fishes. My research will explore spatial ecology and behaviour of sharks and fishes using observations from two large marine protected areas (MPAs), the Chagos Marine Reserve and the Palau Shark Sanctuary.

    I will be looking at spatial structure and behaviour patterns relating to environmental and habitat characteristics, regarding three pelagic ecosystems key components: (1) juveniles fishes; (2) forage species, and (3) top predators. I will use an innovative, non-destructive and fishery-independent approach, remote underwater camera system to sample pelagic fish and shark. By improving our understanding of how pelagic species use the environment, it will also contribute to improved MPA design.

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    Longo PAS, Fernandes MC, Leite FPP, Passos FD. 2014. Gastropoda (Mollusca) associated to Sargassum sp. beds in Sao Sebastiao Channel – Sao Paulo, Brazil. Biota Neotropica, 14(4): 1–10.


    Longo PAS, Fernandes MC, Leite FP, Passos FD. 2013. Taxonomia de gastrópodes associados à alga parda Sargassum vulgare (Sargassaceae) do Canal de São Sebastião, litoral norte do estado de São Paulo, Brasil. In: Abstract book of the XXlll Encontro Brasileiro de Malacologia. Simpósio Latino-Americano de jovens taxonomistas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


    Fernandes MC, Vitonis JEVV, Passos FD, Amaral ACZ. 2012. The Museum of Zoology from UNICAMP (SP, Brazil): Improving the scientific collection and training specialists on taxonomy of Mollusca. In: Abstract book of the XI International Congress on Medical and Applied Malacology, pp. 169. Crossing boundaries: Integrative approaches to malacology, p. 220, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


    XXIII Brazilian Meeting of Malacology and the Latin American Symposium of young taxonomists. Professor Maury Pinto de Oliveira research award for mollusc taxonomy