Dr. Simon Allen

Postdoctoral Fellow


Centre for Marine Futures
School of Biological Sciences
& UWA Oceans Institute
University of Western Australia M092
35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley, WA 6009

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My research interests lie primarily in assessing the impacts of human activities (fisheries, tourism and coastal development) on marine megafauna for application to their conservation and management. On the more empirical side, I study the complex social and foraging behaviours of coastal dolphins. I have a general interest in the behaviour, ecology and conservation of both marine and terrestrial wildlife. I’m an avid field biologist, and wildlife and landscape photography is a “passion-on-the-side” – through which I try to raise awareness of two realities: how magnificent life is on this planet, and what a profound influence humans have on that life.

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International Fund for Animal Welfare – Award [USD10,000]

Best Conservation and Animal Welfare presentation at the 20th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, Dunedin, NZ.

World Wildlife Fund – Grant [AUD 21,000]

Abundance of snubfin dolphins (Orcaella heinsohni) in Roebuck Bay, WA – with A. Brown, L. Bejder.

Australian Marine Mammal Centre – Grant [AUD 205,000]

Population size and habitat use of Australian humpback dolphins around the North West Cape, WA – with G. Parra and L. Bejder.


Australian Marine Mammal Centre – Grant [AUD 127,000]

Snubfin and humpback dolphin abundance and genetic connectivity in the Kimberley region, Western Australia – with L. Bejder, C. Frére, K. Pollock.


Australian Marine Mammal Centre – Grant [AUD 361,000]

Genetic structure and abundance of fishery impacted dolphin populations of the Pilbara, North-Western Australia – with N. Loneragan, K. Bryant, K. Pollock, L. Bejder and M. Krützen.

Australian Marine Mammal Centre – Grant [AUD 48,000]

Combining genetics and morphology to resolve a longstanding taxonomic and conservation management issue: How many bottlenose dolphin species are there in Australian waters? – with C. Kemper, M. Krützen, M. Jedensjo, G. Parra, K. Charlton and W. Sherwin.


Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Department of Fisheries WA, Nickol Bay Professional Fishers Association – Grant [AUD 150,000]

Reducing dolphin bycatch in the Pilbara finfish trawl fishery – with L. Bejder and N. Loneragan.


Department of Fisheries WA – Grant [AUD 6,000]

A review of dolphin bycatch in the Pilbara Fish Trawl Interim Managed Fishery – with L. Bejder and N. Loneragan.

Port Stephens Pearls Pty Ltd – Grant [AUD 28,000]

Design a dolphin monitoring program for assessing the impacts of pearl oyster aquaculture – with L. Bejder and N. Loneragan.


Australian Research Council, NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, Port Stephens Commercial Dolphin Watch Association – Grant [AUD100,000]

Ecology and management of bottlenose dolphin in Port Stephens – with R. Harcourt and P. Corkeron.


NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service – Grant [AUD 48,000]

Port Stephens bottlenose dolphin population surveys (I and II) – with L. Möller and R. Harcourt.

Prof Michael Krützen – University of Zurich, SUI

Dr Stephanie King – University of Western Australia, AUS

Prof Richard Connor – University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth USA

Dr Phil Bouchet – University of Western Australia, AUS

Dr Alex Brown – Murdoch University, AUS

Dr Daniele Cagnazzi – Southern Cross University, AUS

Dr Celine Frere – University of the Sunshine Coast, AUS

Dr Amanda Hodgson – Murdoch University, AUS

Dr Will Hoppitt – Leeds University, UK

Ms Maria Jedensjo – Museum of South Australia, AUS

Prof Neil Loneragan – Murdoch University, AUS

Prof Jessica Meeuwig – University of Western Australia, AUS

Ms Krista Nicholson – Murdoch University, AUS

Dr Guido Parra – Flinders University of South Australia, AUS

Dr Richard Peters – La Trobe University, AUS

Prof Ken Pollock – North Carolina State University, USA

Prof Bill Sherwin – University of New South Wales, AUS